anna, 14, i have no idea what my nationality is but i currently live in germany. i also have no idea what else to write about myself here so i'm just gonna link you to my full about me page until then lol
i'm taking edits and gif requests!! // i'm supposed to catch up on the new season of the fosters and the vampire diaries and i also started watching orphan black and got halfway through the first season but uh i'm not watching anything anyway lol not reading anything atm
warning: my blog is on queue modus 99% of the time not because i'm never there (i wish lmao) but because i like to have my blog being updated freuqently. i'm always here if you need somebody to talk to!! :) // what you can find on my blog: r5, fifth harmony, 5 seconds of summer, some other bands, (german) football and stuff like that. i tag everything (!) and i'm currently working on a more detailed tagging system. if you feel triggered by something or anything like that, please don't be afraid to shoot me a message! i usually tag triggers as 'xx cw/tw' and i also tag 'suicide mention' but yeah like i said message me if anything makes you uncomfortable. although if you're gonna dictate me what to post on my blog (meaning for example that i should post about a certain artist just because you don't like them) i'm gonna have to tell you to kindly fuck off because i have spent far too much time worrying about people think about me doing this and doing that :)
feeling blue?
hey baby!! click here for my inspiration tag (it mostly has empowering and feeling good kind of stuff in it along with some life advice) and click here for some of my favorite posts that might make you laugh. sadly i don't have any good lifting-mood links other than these but i'm working on it i swear. just, please, trust me when i say that in a day or maybe even less things are going to be so much better and your thoughts will slowly become lighter as time goes by and all the colors will become a little bit more radiant. there are always going to be times where you feel like everything just sucks so, so much but everybody, even the girl that you think lives the most perfect life, has them, it's just about how well you can handle these moments. and once they are over, you can be unbelievably proud of yourself. i love you more than pizza and am always here for you :) (and no, this is not one of these cheesy sayings, i love pizza more than you can possibly imagine and now i'm telling you that i love you even more and i'm being completely true.)
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